Proposed project

Key Areas: A combined project of solar electrification, education & green campus.

Location- Village name Boknari & Dumra 25 km from BodhGaya, Bihar, India

Solar electrification:Bihar is now one of India’s poorest, most populous, corrupted and conservative States, pushing many inhabitants to migrate elsewhere. We want to establish a training center of adult villagers, which will work for solar electrification in Bihar’s rural, remote, non-electrified villages. Here, many people use kerosene to light their homes.



A rural family burns 50 liters of kerosene a year to light its home. After food, their highest expenditure is on lighting and a kerosene lamp. The health effects of burning kerosene, coal and wood, are staggering, and toxic smokes cause respiratory diseases that kill millions women and children every year and cause severe respiratory problems for tens of millions. Fixed home lighting units and solar lanterns powered by solar energy can replace kerosene and woo d and develop the awareness solar energy as a clean and pollution free source.

The training center will develop a solar engineering centre for fabrication, installation, usage, repair and maintenance of sophisticated solar lighting units in the hands of rural, illiterate and semi-literate men and women


The center could also be used as a primary school, and be used to educate more than 200 students, who then also will be provided with free uniforms and study materials. The infrastructure will function as a training center as well as a school.


Plantation: We also want to start a plantation in our campuses present and proposed. Here, it helps to clean air and the children can learn the importance of environment and eat the vegetables. This might also inspire the local people.